TLX Multifoil Insulation

Introducing the latest range of multifoil insulation products from TLX Insulation, formerly known as Thinsulex. TLX insulation has over 15 years of experience in developing some of the world’s most advanced thin, high-performance foil insulation.

TLX Silver multifoil insulation

TLX Silver is a thin, flexible and multi-purpose insulation that was the first reflective multifoil to win the prestigious BBA Certificate of Agreement. A radiant barrier, the TLX Silver multifoil insulation has reflective surfaces on the outer and inner layers, which can not only reflect infrared radiation back into the house to keep it warm but also prevent the house from radiating energy back into the environment. TLX Silver insulating vapour barrier also prevents conduction by trapping air between fibres, and convection is prevented through the material using inner films to stop convection currents from forming.

TLX Gold insulating breather membrane

TLX Gold is the only fully BBA certified 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane. It acts as a thermal barrier, improving thermal performance yet eliminates the risk of condensation – venting moisture as a breather membrane would, yet insulating as a non-breathable PIR board would. The TLX Gold insulated breather membrane makes roofing, re-roofing and upgrading roof insulation much easier and quicker, and does not require roof underlay.

Products in TLX Multifoil:

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