Spax | Screws

Spax are highly experienced in the construction industry having thrived for over five decades with their innovative and specialist fastening technologies which are developed to the highest possible quality. As such, their screws are ideal for insulation and other construction projects and can be relied upon for providing a high quality finish.

Spax screws do not require pre-drilling, and because of this, offer a great quick solution when installing insulation products. Their 4CUT point reduces splitting potential and they are ideal for use in timber construction where they countersink easily into softwoods and most hardwoods.

Here at Insulation Superstore we are proud to offer Spax screws. For more information on these or any of our fasteners and fixings, open the chat box or give our specialist team a call to speak to our advisors. We are always happy to offer help and support where we can!

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