Caberfloor | Moisture Resistant T & G Boards

Caberfloor has provided the UK and Europe with suitable insulation panels for over four decades. Their products are used throughout a variety of sectors and are ideal for those with an environmental focus, as well as wanting products by a company holding a FSC® certification for your reassurance.

The wood-based insulation is an ideal solution for those seeking something that is not only useful for their requirements, but affordable as well. Additionally, because of their success in the construction industry, they have many references to their services.

Caberfloor insulation panels come with an array of benefits. Not only are they durable and easy to install, but the panels are also much more silent. Instead of creaking floorboards, the joint and joist adhesive can reduce or even remove the noise to help achieve a more silent setting.  The boards are also versatile, available in square-edged, tongue or grooved profiling for swift installation. 

Take a look around the range we offer here at Insulation Superstore! Ensure your floor is stable and insulated well with Caberfloor panels as soon as possible.

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