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Amblers lead the way in British safety footwear. Their decades’ worth of experience has led them to manufacture durable and long-lasting safety boots and other shoes in the construction industry. As a result, their footwear for work can be purchased at a range of costs.

Toe Caps

The use of the toe cap is a must-have feature regarding safety boots and trainers. Amblers have worked hard to ensure their's perform to the highest standard. Not only are they lightweight, but also do not contain hefty amounts of metal - i.e they are non-ferrous and elastomeric. These additions mean you can enjoy walking without feeling as though you're being weighed down by the shoes you wear and still be efficient during construction-based events. 

Amblers Safety Shoes

Each safety shoe at Amblers comes with various features to suit the needs of your work environment. Whether that may be installing loft insulation or other various insulation products, you can enjoy top-quality comfort with additional qualities like waterproofing and more. 

Amblers are proud of their shoes and continue to support those in need of sturdy, comfortable footwear with expert manufacturing. 

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