Price of Celotex Insulation Boards

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Celotex is a market leader in the manufacturing of insulation boards, also known as PIR boards. PIR insulation boards are growing in popularity throughout the world as the need for a thin, easy to fit and high performing insulation product grows. Celotex offers a wide range of different insulation boards for use within buildings, from GA4000 and TB4000 which are perfect for standard, multi purpose insulation, or CW4000 which is a range developed specifically for using within cavity walls, and XR4000, a high performance premium insulation board. 

For more information about the different Celotex insulation boards available, including their widths, thicknesses and insulating properties, check out our Celotex insulation comparison chart here.

Prices of GA4000 Celotex insulation boards

GA4000 Celotex Insulation Ex. Vat Price From
GA4050 (1 board) £18.08
GA4060 (1 board) £22.50
GA4070 (1 board) £25.42
GA4075 (1 board) £26.83
GA4080 (1 board) £28.50
GA4090 (1 board) £32.50
GA4100 (1 board) £34.17

Prices of Celotex TB4000 insulation boards

TB4000 Celotex Insulation Ex. Vat Price From
TB4012 (33 boards) £290.83
TB4025 (1 board) £11.58
TB4030 (1 board) £12.92
TB4040 (1 board) £16.92


 Prices of Celotex CW4000 insulation boards

CW4000 Celotex Insulation Ex. Vat Price From     
CW4040 (7.56m2 pack) £50.83
CW4050 (5.94m2 pack) £45.83
CW4060 (5.4m2 pack) £51.67
CW4060 (129.6m2 pallet) £1,259.60
CW4075 (4.32m2 pack) £44.17
CW4100 (3.24m2 pack) £42.50

Prices of Celotex XR4000 insulation boards

XR4000 Celotex Insulation Ex. Vat Price From 
XR4110 (1 board) £38.33
XR4120 (1 board) £40.00
XR4130 (1 board) £45.83
XR4140 (1 board) £48.33
XR4150 (1 board) £49.17
XR4165 (1 board) £61.67
XR4165 (34.56m2 pack) £637.50
XR4200 (1 board) £74.17


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