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Installing a breathable membrane improves ventilation and reduces condensation buildup while ensuring insulation remains effective. There are a variety of different breather membranes available, and the best option is dependent on the nature of your project. 

Breathable membrane, or breathable roofing membrane, is extremely useful for many reasons. When moisture passes into the roof space as vapour it condenses when it reaches a cool surface. This can cause insulation to become less effective, which in turn increases heating bills. If the moisture increases over time, this can cause dampness and mould, which is unpleasant and can cause structural issues. A breathable membrane prevents moisture from entering the roof space and, in some cases, allows moisture to leave a roof space.

Breathable roofing membrane is particularly effective in managing humidity within roofing structures. By maintaining a balanced and controlled environment, breathable roof membranes mitigate the risk of wood rot on timber frames. Furthermore, these membranes bolster energy efficiency by supporting proper ventilation and insulation effectiveness. They can be applied in both pitched and flat roofs - the seamless integration of breathable roof membranes ensures optimal air circulation, moisture regulation, and long-term structural integrity. 

We also offer breathable felt membrane. Engineered to optimise moisture management and air circulation, our breathable felt membranes effectively prevent condensation buildup while promoting a healthy indoor environment. Enjoy prolonged structural integrity, as these membranes act as a reliable barrier against water infiltration while allowing trapped moisture to escape. Whether for roofing or wall applications, our breathable felt membranes ensure superior protection, energy efficiency, and durability.

All our roof membranes are supplied by renowned brands, including Glidevale Protect, DuPont Tyvek and Pro Clima. Our range includes vapour permeable membranes, air permeable breather membranes, timber frame breather membranes, vapour control layers and liquid breather membranes. Shop Insulation Superstore today for our premium collection of breather membranes!

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Showing 1 - 36 of 179 products

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