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Insulation Superstore is proud to offer a wide range of breathable membranes for your latest project, from brands including Cromar, DuPont Tyvek, NOVIA, POWERLON and Protect. Each breather membrane is of the highest quality, and are available at our famously competitive prices.

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What is a breathable membrane?

Breathable membranes, or breather membranes, have been designed to improve ventilation and reduce condensation build up within the roof space, as well as ensuring insulation remains effective.

Why breather membranes are required

Moisture often passes into the roof space as vapour, and then condenses when it reaches a cool surface. This condensation can cause a wide range of issues, as it is trapped within the roof space. Firstly, if insulation gets damp, the insulating properties are reduced, meaning the building is not insulated as well, and will result in higher energy bills as heat is lost more easily. Secondly, the presence of moisture over time will cause damp and mould. Not only is this unpleasant, and can cause health issues, but can cause severe structural damage as moisture will cause rot on timber structures. 

An average house produces 14 litres of moisture a day, so ensuring moisture does not remain within the roof space is crucial. A breather membrane prevents moisture from entering the roof space, and can in some cases allow moisture to leave the roof space. This means that insulation remains effective, and the likelihood of damp and mould occurring is greatly reduced, and the structural integrity of the building remains secure.

Different types of breather membrane

There are a number of different types of breather membrane available, depending on the requirements of the project being undertaken.

Vapour permeable breather membranes

Vapour permeable breather membranes allow water vapour to pass through the membrane and out from walls and roofs. Vapour permeable breather membranes minimise the amount of water vapour that condenses within the roof or wall space, helping to minimise damp, mould and rot.

Air permeable breather membranes

Air permeable breather membranes have been designed specifically to allow both air and water vapour to pass through the roof or wall of a building. Using an air permeable breather membrane removes the need for a vapour control level, because vapour and air can freely pass through the membrane, and the air permeable membrane also provides a form of ventilation. 

Although air permeable membranes allow air and water vapour to pass through, they still act as a barrier to prevent rain, wind and snow from entering the roof or wall space.

Timber frame permeable breather membranes

Timber frame permeable breather membranes are slightly thinner and lighter than a more traditional breather membrane. They have been manufactured for use on buildings with timber frames, and particularly during the construction process – timber frame breathable membranes can be used as temporary cladding to protect the structure from external weather conditions during construction, and then protect from internal moisture build up during and after building work has been completed.

Vapour control layers

Vapour control layers are slightly different to breathable membranes. Vapour control layers (VCL) prevent any water from entering or leaving the roof space, ensuring that moisture does not transfer between layers or through walls or roofs and build up within the roof or wall space. This is different to breather membranes, which allow the movement through the membrane to ensure water vapour can leave the roof space.

Liquid breather membranes

In some cases, the structure of a wall or roof is quite complex, meaning fitting a breathable membrane is a challenge. In this case, a liquid breather membrane is the perfect solution - it can be applied with a paintbrush or roller, ensuring it covers the whole surface, including tight corners.

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