Plasterboard is an inexpensive and versatile construction material used for wall partitions, wall linings, ceilings, roofs and floors. It’s compatible with so many applications and it’s been used as an alternative to wet plaster for a while now thanks to the fact that it doesn’t need to dry, and it can be decorated immediately. Insulated plasterboard adds even more versatility for plasterboards as you can insulate and render a partition wall or any internal wall faster than usual. This also tends to be cheaper than buying a thin insulation board and laying plasterboard on top, both in material and labour costs.

Square edge plasterboard is available for if you do want to plaster the wall, leaving you with a smooth and flat finish perfect for decorating. Alternatively, tapered edge plasterboard is available for dry-lining the surface, so the boards can be painted over immediately, perfect for new dividing walls or for cases where the wall is being upgraded to insulated plasterboard.

Insulated plasterboard will save time and hassle for a quick refurb project. By adding a couple of mm onto your wall, between the kitchen and the living room, for example, the TV can blare the latest film releases whilst someone enjoys a quiet cup of tea.

Plasterboard TypeEx. VAT Price From
Insulated Plasterboard£5.57
Acoustic Plasterboard£9.20
Fire Protection Plasterboard£53.36
Moisture Resistant Plasterboard£11.80
Vapour Control Plasterboard£7.00
Impact Protection Plasterboard£7.00
Soundbloc Plasterboard£7.00

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