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When installing flooring, whether you’re renovating an existing building or room or working on a new build, ensuring that you have effective and high performing floor insulation is essential. By installing floor insulation, you improve the thermal envelope of the building, creating a complete seal around the building and reducing the potential for heat to escape. As well as reducing heat loss, installing floor installation can also help to minimise sounds created by floorboards, reduce drafts and create a warmer floor surface.

Take a look at our guide to insulating a floor to find out more about the steps involved and which products are best for your project.

Floor insulation boards

Insulation boards are some of the most popular forms of floor insulation available. Most floors are suspended floors, meaning there is a gap between the floorboards and the surface below – the boards will be resting on joists. If this is the case, there will be voids between the floorboards and the surface below, which can massively contribute to heat loss and energy costs. Filling these gaps with underfloor insulation boards can not only keep your home warmer but can also help keep energy costs down.

Insulation boards are most popular for flooring insulation because they come in rigid boards that are easy to cut into the shapes required. Additionally, insulation boards are incredibly lightweight and relatively thin, whilst still providing high levels of insulation. 

There are a number of ranges of floor insulation board available to choose from. 

Kingspan Greenguard floor insulation boards

Kingspan Greenguard insulation has been manufactured specifically for use as a floor insulation board. Kingspan have manufactured a wide range of insulation products and have a wealth of experience in creating specialised insulation boards for specific uses, and this Greenguard range of insulation has high compressive strength as well as high insulating levels to make it the perfect product for floor insulation. 

K103 Premium floor insulation boards

K103 premium floor insulation boards have been developed by Kingspan as a premium floor insulation product, providing high performing insulation with a thinner material than was possible before. K103 Kooltherm can be used on both solid concrete and suspending floors. 

Jablite Jabfloor insulation boards

The Jabfloor range of insulation boards from Jablite have been manufactured specifically for use with flooring. The Jabfloor 70 range is for standard domestic flooring, the Jabfloor 100 range is suitable for commercial situations such as offices and schools, whilst the Jabfloor 150 range is for heavy commercial or industrial applications. It can also be purchased as Jabfloor 250, which is a specialist heavy-duty insulation range for high traffic and industrial areas.

Cellecta floor insulation boards

Cellecta have created a wide range of insulation boards that can be used as floor insulation. The XFloor range of insulation boards provides high compressive strength, low water absorption and life-long thermal performance, perfect for basements and other below floor applications. Alternatively, opt for DECKfon overlay and underlay products for improved insulation qualities, or choose the Hexatherm XChip for an easy to install P5 moisture resistance chipboard product.

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