Silicone Render

Silicone render is a render that allows a wall to breathe to discourage the growth of mould and damp. Often sold in a specific colour, this means silicone render needs to be applied just once and won't need painting after this. The colours offered by most silicone render manufacturers save time on site as well as the chances of rain hampering your plans! Silicone render is used to reliably waterproof buildings. This includes small domestic residences up to large office blocks or industrial buildings. 

Brands like Baumit, ProofShield and ProRend offer colours such as magnolia, off-white, ivory and grey. All of these premium silicone render brands come at a low price with minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. Available as powder or in pre-mixed form, choose the silicone render right for your job with the help of our knowledgable team. Contact us on 01752 692 206. 

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