External Wall Insulation

Installing external wall insulation is something that is less common than other insulation, but can be incredibly beneficial. Particularly beneficial on older properties where walls are created from more traditional building materials, external wall insulation helps to minimise condensation by reducing the temperature difference between the internal environment and the outer walls by raising the temperature of the wall, helps to dramatically reduce the amount of heat loss occurring through external walls, and overall result in a large decrease in spend on heating by retaining heat within the building.

Another benefit of external wall insulation is that it can often be retrofitted without too much disturbance within the building, and when fitted does not reduce the internal space, which is what may happen if installing internal insulation.

Insulation boards for external wall insulation

Insulation boards are one of the most popular forms of external wall insulation available. One of the reasons for using insulation boards for external wall insulation is that insulation boards can be easily installed on refurbishment projects as well as new builds, with little impact on the building itself or any activities within the building. Additionally, insulation boards are a popular form of external wall insulation because they have high thermal resistance levels whilst remaining relatively thin, minimising any visual impact and ensuring the building thickness isn't affected too much. Insulation boards are also commonly moisture resistant, meaning that weather conditions will have very little effect on the performance of the insulation board.

Diffuboard external wall insulation boards

Pavatex Diffuboard is an insulation product manufactured from wood fibres and designed specifically for use as external wall insulation. Diffuboard insulation boards have a tongue in groove connection for ease of installation, and can be used for the cladding of pre-fabricated timber structures, and is also suitable to be rendered following installation. Additionally, Diffuboard external wall insulation is manufactured with a sandwich-construction which results in high stability and optimised stress equalisation. By choosing Diffuboard external wall insulation boards, you'll be opting for an easy-to-install and highly effective environmentally friendly external wall insulation product.

K5 Kingspan Kooltherm external wall insulation boards

Kingspan have created the K5 range of insulation boards specifically for use as external wall insulation. The K5 Kooltherm external wall insulation board range has been designed as a premium performance insulation and is semi-rigid to allow for maximum thermal performance whilst also providing stability. The K5 external wall insulation boards are suitable for installation before being combined with traditional and more lightweight polymer modified renders as well as dry cladding systems. The K5 external wall insulation range has a thermal conductivity of 0.022-0.023 W/m2k depending on the thickness chosen.

Pavatherm Universal insulation boards

Pavatherm is a universal insulation board manufactured by Pavatex and is another wood fibre insulation product. Pavatherm universal can be used in a range of applications, and one of the key uses of Pavatherm is on external wall insulation. The fibrous structure of Pavatherm wood fibre insulation boards means that it can achieve thermal conductivity of around 0.038 W/m2k, and is incredibly popular for use with refurbishment products.

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