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Add warmth, comfort and energy efficiency to your home with a selection of plumbing supplies and heating supplies designed to make your life cosier and more affordable. 

Underfloor Heating

Opt for an underfloor heating kit and compatible insulation for an easy and fast way to heat your home. With no maintenance required after install and dry underfloor heating systems reaching desired temperatures in under 20 minutes, underfloor heating is a fantastic alternative to bulky radiators. Your rooms will be heated from the floor up so with underfloor heating insulation beneath the system your home will retain the heat emitted from the system for even longer. Combine this with a modern and good-looking thermostat and your system is fully customisable to get exactly what you need out of it.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is an inexpensive way to lower your utility bills but reducing the amount of energy needed to get the contents of the pipes to a certain temperature. The thin snap-on or slide-on insulation can be retrofitted as well as fit before installation. You can insulate pipes from cold spaces like the loft or cellar, preventing the pipes from freezing and from growing bacteria and mould.

DEFRA-Approved Stoves

DEFRA-approved wood-burning stoves are wood-burning stoves designed to reduce the amount that an operator can choke the fire and create excess smoke. A legal requirement for wood-burners in many areas up and down the UK (see here for a full list of DEFRA smoke control areas), these specialist wood-burning stoves are signed off by DEFRA to be less polluting whilst still offering the warmth, aesthetics and cosiness of a traditional wood fire.

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