Plywood Board

Plywood, sometimes known as plyboard and ply board, comes in many different forms for different applications, and sits within our range of timber products. Structural plywood board, marine plywood sheets and general purpose plywood offer different protections, reliability and strength. Structural plywood is manufactured with a different glue in comparison with general purpose plywood. This glue remains rigid and performing even if it’s exposed to wet conditions and temperature changes, meaning it’s suitable for use in things like beams, internal structures and outdoor furniture. 

General purpose plywood is bonded with a glue that doesn’t offer protection against wet conditions and temperature changes but it’s strong enough and reliable enough for use indoors as wall linings, decoration and on ceilings too.

Whilst structural plywood is unaffected by moisture, for extreme situations of moisture, so for use in coastal areas or internally in kitchens, there’s marine-grade plywood.

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