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Timber is an essential component in so many construction and DIY tasks that it’s important to ensure that any timber products sourced are sustainable, quality and dependable so that it’s fit for purpose. Loft boards like plywood and OSB board come in so many variations that it’s hard to know which the best fit for your project is, especially if you’re a DIYer or a beginner.

What type of loft board can I use? 

Plywood and OSB are the two most common types of loft board that construction professionals and DIY users might use. The two boards are dependable and reliable, offering stability and structure dependent on which variation might be chosen. For more specific, or more demanding, applications, Insulation Superstore offers structural plywood, marine-grade plywood, and general-purpose plywood.

OSB (oriented strand board) is a loft board with two variants – OSB2 and OSB3. OSB2 is a non-load bearing structural loft board used in dry conditions only. OSB3 is also a structural board but boasts the additional benefits of being able to support loads, and in humid conditions too.

Roofing timber

Roofing timber can mean many things: batten, counter batten, acoustic batten or regular timbers for use in roof construction. We want to make sure that you’re able to complete your insulation project properly so we offer a range of roofing timbers. Everything we offer conforms to relevant certifications for use in domestic buildings.

Blue-treated batten and red-treated batten conforms to BS 5534 which designates that battens must meet minimum dimension and grading requirements as well as have conforming characteristics which include the species of wood, any defects and permissible characteristics. A complimentary product for BS 5534 batten is kiln dried timber, which offers installers rounded edges for easy handling and consistent dimensions. This makes kiln dried timber perfect for studwork and framing.

Acoustic batten is a product growing in popularity as they can be installed on separating floors for soundproofing and minimising impact noise between floors. They can be installed in steel, concrete and timber floors, with the ability to create a void filled with acoustic insulation for further affect. Acoustic batten supports underfloor heating systems.

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