Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Moisture-resistant plasterboard is designed to tolerate moist and humid conditions where other products may sag, rot or deteriorate with frequent exposure to moisture. In domestic residences, this is most commonly kitchens and bathrooms but for commercial buildings, it could be wise to use moisture resistant plasterboard in all areas.

Humidity levels are often higher than normal from steam being generated from hot water or from cooking. Humidity levels are increased by the presence of people too though, so this is why it’s prudent to think about these factors when specifying a public building. Manufacturers like Gyproc and Knauf design and create products like Glasroc F Multiboard and Knauf Aquapanel for these purposes.

Knauf Aquapanel Cement Board moisture-resistant plasterboard

Knauf Aquapanel cement board outdoor is manufactured by Knauf from inorganic materials and as such has flexibility allowing for the board to be bent around curves. It’s still able to withstand extreme weather conditions too whilst maintaining 100% water resistance and high impact resistance.

Knauf Aquapanel cement board is suited to new builds and retrofitting onto existing buildings. It’s used frequently by architects as a render substrate since it can be painted over and used with other surface finishes like brick slips. Non-combustible and resistant to swelling, mould and mildew, Knauf Aquapanel cement board is a desirable moisture resistant plasterboard product.

Glasroc F Multiboard moisture resistant plasterboard

Glasroc F Multiboard from British Gypsum is a non-combustible and highly moisture-resistant plasterboard which can be used for partitions and ceilings. The square edge manufacture of this board means that it’s easy to form neat partitions in specialist lining systems, domestic residences and steel encasement projects.

Glasroc F Multiboard is approved for use in semi-exposed areas which will save money and time on projects as this can be installed before the building envelope is complete without any need for additional coverage or protection. Glasroc F Multiboard can be curbed to a minimum radius of 600mm, making it applicable to curves and unique, contemporary buildings.

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