Plywood is designed in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths to accommodate a range of projects in construction.

A highly versatile solution, it’s suitable for use in a variety of roofing projects. You can even make shelving out of it.

The question is:

What size do plywood sheets come in?

To give you a clearer idea, we put together this guide to available plywood sizes from admired brands to suit a variety of budgets and requirements.

Here’s what we’re going to cover.

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Plywood sheet sizes

There are a variety of brands that offer plywood.

The best part?

At Roofing Superstore you can find plenty of plywood. Let’s take a closer look at the available sizes from each brand.

image of hardwood plywoodGeneral-purpose hardwood plywood sizes

This type of plywood is sturdy hardwood throughout, making it extremely durable and less prone to bending and twisting.

General purpose hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm3.6mm
General purpose hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm5.5mm

Image of marine plywood

Marine plywood sizes

Marine plywood is denser, stronger and better performing than softwood.

Marine plywood2440mm1220mm 5.5mm
Marine plywood2440mm1220mm 9mm
Marine plywood2440mm1220mm 12mm
Marine plywood2440mm1220mm18mm
Marine plywood2440mm1220mm25mm

image of shuttering plywood

Shuttering plywood sizes

Shuttering plywood is an excellent all-round option, which is ideal for general-purpose applications.

Shuttering plywood2440mm1220mm9mm
Shuttering plywood2440mm1220mm12mm
Shuttering plywood2440mm1220mm18mm

image of hardwood structural plywood

Structural hardwood plywood sizes

This structural, all-hardwood panel conforms to the latest European standards on low emissions.

Structural hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm9mm
Structural hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm12mm
Structural hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm15mm
Structural hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm18mm
Structural hardwood plywood2440mm1220mm25mm

Image of structural plywood

Structural plywood B/C grade sizes

This B-grade panel is sanded on both sides and is suitable for use on roofs, walls and floors.

Structural plywood B/C grade2.44m1.22m12mm
Structural plywood B/C grade2.44m1.22m18mm

image of Brazilian plywood

Brazillian pine structural sheathing plywood sizes

Consisting of layers of Brazilian pinewood bonded with an E1 exterior grade glue, these stunning panels are responsibly sourced from well-managed forests.

Brazilian pine structural plywood2440mm1220mm9mm
Brazilian pine structural plywood2440mm1220mm12mm
Brazilian pine structural plywood2440mm1220mm18mm

What is the most common plywood size?

The most commonly used plywood size is the 2.44m by 1.22m (eight by four foot) sheet. When it comes to structural plywood, a supplier will also supply proof of strength performance. This indicates that the plywood has passed building regulations and can be used for structural use in building work.

However, it is worth noting general plywood does not have proof of strength performance. In this case, it should not be used for structural applications.

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If you are unsure about which plywood size you need or which type you should use, speak to the manufacturer. You can also speak to our advisors using the helpline or check out more about plywood via our Help and Advice guides. 

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