Underfloor heating is a fantastic way to help your customers heat their homes and insulate their floors too. Combining one of our underfloor heating kits, available in sizes up to 24m2, with the correct insulation can ensure a warmer home for longer. Your customers can now pick between 150w and 200w options too so they have even more choice when it comes to their underfloor heating system.

Which insulation do you recommend for use with underfloor heating?

Recticel Eurothane PIR board is the product we recommend for use with one of our underfloor heating kits. Resistant to moisture from any dripping pipes or leaks, Recticel PIR insulation has a Class 1 fire rating, so after 10 minutes a flame can’t have spread more than 165mm. Also boasting a uValue of 0.22 W/mK this underfloor heating insulation will fit into your customers floor space easily with different thickness from 25mm – 150mm.underfloor heating insulation

Not only is Recticel Eurothane PIR board applicable for underfloor heating insulation applications it’s also suitable for pitched roofs and framed walls, with its rigid shape making it easier to install than some other insulation types.

If you need help sizing your project or would like more advice on what to recommend for your customers then please contact our insulation experts on 01752 692 206.

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