DEFRA Approved Stoves

DEFRA-approved stoves are wood-burning stoves which meet the environmental requirements to minimise smoke pollution. The requirements limit how much a stove can be starved of oxygen to burn a smokier, thicker smoke which is often unnecessary. Smoke control areas are areas across the UK, often large cities and towns, where a DEFRA-approved stove is an absolute essential. It is illegal in these areas, which includes all of London and Greater London, Bath, North Somerset, Liverpool, Cambridge and more, to install and operate a wood-burning stove that isn’t DEFRA-approved.

DEFRA-approved stoves must be tested by the Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) before the manufacturer releases a range for sale so the emission levels are low and the stove doesn’t create unnecessary smoke. A benefit of these wood-burners, alongside lower levels of air pollution, is that there’s less maintenance as the smoke is cleaner.

Arada DEFRA-Approved Stoves

Arada manufactures a mix of stunning contemporary and traditional wood-burning stoves that are all compliant with DEFRA regulations. A choice of colours, styles and accessories offers homeowners the chance to customise their wood-burning stove to match the interior of their property. Pick from small to large stoves to fill the space in your fireplace and you can opt for an attachable log store, traditional stand, or contemporary pedestal stand to achieve the correct wood-burning stove height.

The Arada Farringdon, the Arada Ecoburn Plus 5, and the Arada Ecoburn Plus 7 make up this stunning range of wood-burners, perfect for creating a cosy, inviting and cleaner environment whether it’s for a full-time home, a holiday let or a garden building.

Are you looking for additional options to customise your dream wood-burning stove? Perhaps you're looking for spare parts or more information on how to install and maintain your DEFRA-approved stove? Contact our experts on 01752 692 206 for impartial advice. 

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