Kingspan Insulated Plasterboard

Kingspan Insulation is considered the global leader in optimum, premium and high performance rigid insulation products for use in the construction and other related industries. Kingspan uses new research, technologies and innovations to create the best sustainable building solutions possible, and their range of insulated plasterboard is just one of the many products they offer.

Kingspan Kooltherm insulated plasterboard

Kingspan’s Kooltherm insulated plasterboard range consists of a thin sheet of plasterboard that is bonded to their premium performance insulation. The K118 range also has a composite foil based facing on its opposite surface, whilst the K17 range has a glass tissue reverse facing. 

Each Kingspan plasterboard product comes with a premium performance modified resin insulant that has been manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion potential, and a low global warming potential, meaning that it has minimal environmental impact.

If you have any questions about Kingspan insulated plasterboard or would like recommendations based on your current project, give our team a call on 01752 692206 and we'll be happy to help.

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