Promat Fire Resistant Boards

Promat UK has been manufacturing high-performance fire resistant boards for 33 years alongside thermal insulation and a range of specialist fire-stopping products. Promat Supalux and Promat Masterboard are fantastic for fire resistance in domestic, commercial and industrial builds with the two both offering resistance to moisture too. Find out more about Promat fire resistant boards below or contact us on 01752 692 206 for more information on plasterboard.

Promat Supalux

Promat Supalux is a slim, calcium silicate fire-resistant wall lining board that offers 30 – 240 minutes of fire resistance dependent on application. The UK’s leading fire protection board, Promat Supalux is moisture resistant and will continue to perform in damp or humid conditions. After 30 years of proven fire performance, you can trust that Promat Supalux is a non-combustible wall lining thanks to its A1 fire rating. Promat Supalux is manufactured from calcium silicate with organic fibres and fillers and without formaldehyde. It’s smooth faced on one-side and features a sandy textured finish on the other. Applications for Promat Supalux includes in ceilings, floors and roofs of domestic, commercial and industrial projects as well as use in structural steel, boiler backers, thatched roofs and internal partitions.

Promat Masterboard

Promat Masterboard is a fire protection wall board that gives up to 30 minutes of fire resistance that can be used in areas with high humidity. With limited combustibility and a high resistance to moisture, this product is recommended for use in swimming pool ceilings and wall linings as well as in partitions, domestic ceilings, wall and roof linings, tile backing and soffit, porch and canopy linings. Promat board is extremely versatile and offers fire protection for both internal and semi-exposed applications. Manufactured from calcium silicate and organic fibres and fillers, this smooth un-sanded faced board features a sanded reverse so whilst you can decorate this board with paints, wallpaper and tiles, you don’t have to.

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