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Whether you’re looking for standard plasterboard or thermal plasterboard for a more precise application, we have a full range here at Insulation Superstore. Including fire protection plasterboard, moisture resistant plasterboard for wet rooms, bathrooms and shower rooms and acoustic plasterboard that can help block airborne noise, plasterboard comes from top brands such as Celotex, Gyproc and Knauf. Looking to buy within a budget? Check out the price of different types of plasterboard here, including fire resistant, acoustic and moisture resistant. 

Insulated plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is a great time-saver and offers you extra assurance that your insulation is going to stay in place. Thermal insulation board is bonded to the back of the plasterboard which helps give a swift installation. It can also be a cost effective solution to insulating your walls as the insulated plasterboard may be cheaper than buying both constituent parts. Our insulated plasterboard range comes from well-known brands Celotex and Kingspan so you're free to take your pick between whichever suits you. Their insulated plasterboard offering come in many sizes and thicknesses for application in between and under rafters and joists, in solid masonry walls and in timber frame builds.

Do I need tapered edge or square edge plasterboard?

Square edge boards are used when you’re planning on plastering the surface to achieve a smooth, flat finish for painting or wallpapering. This type of finish can offer a glossier finished product but there can be problems with cracks in drying plaster and naturally you need to wait for it to dry before you can continue with your project.

Tapered edge plasterboard is the best type of plasterboard to use when you’re planning on dry-lining the surface. This is because you can apply scrim and joint fillers in the space in which two tapered edge plasterboards meet, allowing you to sand this down and paint straight over the boards. This is ideal for interior partition walls where you could even use acoustic boards to ensure the two areas are private and peaceful.

Which plasterboard is best for my project?

By giving you more choice on plasterboards we’re able to offer you and your customers even more from your project. Why use standard plasterboard when you can use plasterboard that offers increased fire protection? You could even ensure peace and quiet throughout your home with acoustic plasterboard. From the likes of Gyproc and Knauf, we have a range of fire resistant, moisture resistant, acoustically insulating and vapour controlling plasterboard.

Unsure which size, thickness or edge type plasterboard you need? Contact our insulation experts on 01752 692206 for help selecting the best match for your project.

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