Knauf OmniFit Slab

Earthwool OmniFit Slab insulation from Knauf is manufactured from glass wool and designed to be an easy-to-install product that can be friction-fit into joists, studs and rafters. The clever design and sustainable, ecological manufacture and make-up of Earthwool OmniFit Slab make this insulation slab the perfect choice for environmentally-friendly builds.

Each thickness of Knauf’s Earthwool OmniFit Slab offers 0.035 W/mK alongside acoustic and fire protection properties. Earthwool OmniFit Slab has a formaldehyde-free binder that’s manufactured from bio-based renewable materials which supports the products non-combustible property. Since the colour of Knauf OmniFit Slabs is completely natural too, with no staining or dying, the slab is even safer in fires with no fumes, paints and dyes to burn.

Boasting an A+ BRE Green Guide Rating, OmniFit Slabs don’t sustain vermin and is completely odourless, making installation in bedrooms, lofts and living rooms favourable. Knauf OmniFit Slab is compatible for use in rafters, internal partitions, steel frame walls, internal and ground floors, and timber frame builds.

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