Xtratherm Insulation Board

Choosing the correct insulation board is vital to the success of your insulation project. That’s why Xtratherm insulation board is manufactured to be high performance with low lamdbda values. Having led the insulation industry to finding new technological advances in regards to low and zero carbon building materials, you can be confident that Xtratherm insulation will perform very well and leave your home well insulate.

Xtratherm insulation Thin-R pitched roof boards

Xtratherm developed their well-known Xtratherm Thin-R pitched roof insulation boards as a way of offering efficient u-values whilst minimising how much space is used to reduce roof height. Regardless of whether your roof is warm, hybrid or vented you can use Xtratherm Thin-R to insulate. Rated as A+ by the BRE Green Guide, Xtratherm Thin-R in pitched roofs can offer thermal conductivity as low as 0.022 W/mK and some moisture resistance thanks to its closed cell structure. Easy to install for both flooring and roof applications, this Xtratherm insulation can be easily cut with a knife.

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