Vacuum Insulated Panels

Save space in your construction project by opting for vacuum insulated panels. Designed with supreme thermal efficiency in mind, these vacuum insulated panels from Vacutherm employ the use of a vacuum inside the product to offer you great thermal performance with minimal thickness. You can use these panels in floors, walls and ceilings plus a range of specialist applications to significantly improve thermal performance.

How do vacuum insulated panels work?

By heat-sealing vacuum insulated panels in a barrier film under vacuum these panels use a combination of low internal pressure, low density and microporous materials to provide great levels of thermal performance. Perfect for if you’re trying to hit specific thermal conductivity values or if you’re opting for an eco-build, vacuum insulated panels as thin as 20mm can give thermal conductivity as low as 0.005 W/mK. As well as providing this they also give great fire protection as they’re rated Class A1, meaning they’re non-combustible.

Where can I use vacuum insulated panels?

Vacuum insulated panels can be used in a whole host of applications including flat roof insulation, terrace insulation, pitched roof insulation, and wall insulation. Installing vacuum insulated panels in partition walls could make all the difference to the thermal performance of the overall building envelope, especially once you consider their fire rating.

Vacuum insulated panels come in sizes from 300mm x 250mm to 1200mm x 1000mm meaning that regardless of the size or complexity of your project you’ll find a suitable match. Vacutherm panels however cannot be cut, drilled or shaped as once the surface is perforated you lose the vacuum effect and as a consequence, the thermal properties. CE Certified and with a full Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), vacuum insulated panels can save you space and energy whilst protecting from fires.

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