Tile Backer Boards

Tile backer board is a rot-proof, waterproof board which serves as the perfect substrate for kitchen tiles, wet room tiles, bathroom tiles and floor tiles. The lightweight yet extremely strong nature of backer boards means they can be installed on to walls without fear of the weight of chosen tiles pulling it off or causing sag. 

Known for their strength, tile backer boards also boast resistance to moisture so much so that they won’t deteriorate when exposed to water. This is due to the materials they’re made up of with manufacturers avoiding gypsum and paper facings which easily deteriorate and feed mould growth. Therefore, tile backer boards are superior to plasterboard and insulation in humid or wet rooms. 

Another benefit of tile backer boards is that these products are ‘pre-formed’. There’s no need to insulate the room and then fix another layer of plasterboard – most tile backing boards boast insulating properties. Installation time is reduced due to this too. 

Tile backer boards available at Insulation Superstore come from known brands like Knauf and Cembrit. 

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