Steico Insulation Board

Introducing the latest range of insulation board products from STEICO, a reputable brand with over 30 years of experience in the UK insulation market. 

STEICO’s insulation products are considered as innovative due to their use of wood fibre, which has enabled the development of an ever-expanding range of natural and completely sustainable insulation solutions. STEICO’s products are perfect for eco-friendly homes and people striving for more sustainable living.

STEICOtherm insulation board

STEICO therm refers to the rigid insulation board, that as with all STEICO products, is made from natural wood fibres. Wasy and fast to dix, STEICO therm has superior insulating properties at all times of year, and is water vapour open – this means that water vapour can pass through it without causing damage or a reduction in the insulating properties of the insulation board. 

STEICOflex insulation

STEICO flex is a versatile and eco-friendly batt of insulation made from wood fibre. It can be used to insulate lofts, floors, walls, ceilings and much more, and has a thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/mK. The STEICO flex batts are semi-rigid, which helps with installation, but is solid enough that it has good compression resistance, with little thickness reduction over time.

STEICOuniversal sheathing board 

STEICO universal refers to STEICO’s sheathing board – this can be used for both pitched roof and wall construction. With high compressive strength and high heat protection, it has excellent insulation qualities, preventing thermal bridging and protecting against wind, dust, moisture and sound whilst also being recyclable, ecologically and environmentally friendly. 

STEICOspecial dry insulation board

STEICO special dry is an insulation board that has been designed for external use. Wind tight, water resistant, and heat insulating, the special dry board from STEICO are safe and fast to install, and can be attached directly to the rafter without extra support. 

STEICOprotect dry insulation board

STEICO protect dry is an insulation board with tongue and groove profile, that has been designed for multiple uses. It can be used as an external sheathing board for timber frame constructions, or can be used direct to masonry applications in external wall insulation, where render is applied directly to the board. It can also be used as an internal plaster carrying board to be fixed directly to timber frames, removing the need for a supporting backer board.  

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