Solar Panels

Solar panels from Plug-In Solar will help you to run a more environmentally friendly and cheaper home as you can use these small kits to power small appliances and lights in outdoor spaces. These solar panel kits are fantastic for garages, workshops, garden studios and even garden flats as output ranges from 250W to 4kW.

Solar panels can be mounted onto metal roof sheet roofs to harness the solar power, which can then be used domestically or pumped back into the grid. A 4kW solar panel system will power 416 tumble dryer cycles, 828 microwave cycles, 572 washing machine cycles and 24 hours a day power for a fridge freezer a year so they’re perfectly placed as an alternative to mains power for utility rooms or workshops.

As long as the structure has a metal roof, these solar panels could be used for a tiny house or an AirBnB set up to reduce costs and maximise income potential.

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