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Smart homes are domestic residences where technology and the internet come together to automate standard functions around the home such as heating, lighting, electricity and security. By taking advantage of smart home technology and smart home products, homes are more cost effective and energy efficient. Smart homes as a concept is designed in part for its part in reducing energy usage but it’s also designed for maximum comfort for residents.

Smart home & home automation can allow you to schedule and program lighting, heating and electricity or control it all from your mobile device. Downloading a simple app alongside your smart home technology can make a huge difference to your bills, overall energy efficiency and your lifestyle too. Worried you’ve left the landing light on? Just open your app and turn it off!

Your smart home thermostat, radiator valves, lighting or security camera can be connected to from anywhere in the world if you have mobile data or wifi. Programming settings is perfect for those who come and go from their home on a schedule. For example, if everyone leaves the house by 9am for work every Monday-Friday morning, you can program your smart thermostat to turn off at 8:45am. If the first person arrives home at 5pm, you can program your smart thermostat to fire up to a certain temperature for 5pm.

Why install smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are, in very simple terms, a way to control your heating remotely via the internet using a smart phone or desktop. Installing a smart thermostat will cut down your monthly bills by reducing the use of any redundant heating. If nobody enters a bedroom in your home until 10pm then there’s no need to heat that area until 9:45pm. This is where ‘zoning’ comes in!

Installing 1 smart thermostat will allow you to control the temperature of your whole house but some systems have the capability of hosting more than one thermostat. By installing 1 thermostat downstairs for example, and then installing 1 in each bedroom, you can control the temperatures of these areas differently.

Smart thermostats are also great to install if you aren’t one for sticking to a schedule. By enabling GPS tracking on the app on your smart phone you can let the app know when you’re within a certain distance. If you’re 5 minutes away then your heating can be turned on and equally if you leave the house without remembering to turn the heating off and you’re driving, the thermostat will detect that all the residents are gone and will turn off.

It takes homes different times to warm up and cool down of course, depending on insulation levels, the size of the home, the wall structure and plenty of other factors. Smart thermostats use their intelligence to learn how your home heats up and adjusts their internal timings to ensure that whether your home is insulated poorly or insulated to a high level your home will be heated by 9am if that’s what you choose.

How do smart homes work?

Smart homes work by utilizing a ‘hub’. The hub is the connection between the technology and the internet which allows devices to connect remotely to your phone. Once all of these devices are connected to the relevant boilers or electronics then you’re able to download the app or use the website to control the devices.

How do I control my smart home?

Smart homes are controlled by apps. Each brand of smart home technology has their own app so it’s worth doing some research into which smart home brand appeals to you the best, including researching the ease of use of their app. Apps can be supported by tools like IFTTT. This service allows you to program your smart home technology in a more advanced way.

IFTTT will allow you to set rules for your technology. For example, if the weather in your area drops below a certain value you can program your thermostat to heat up. Particularly great in the UK where one morning the weather could be gorgeous and the next it could be freezing! Most smart home technology devices are compatible with virtual assistants too like Amazon Echo and Google Home. It’s worth double checking if your chosen device is compatible with any existing assistants you may have.

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