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Alongside insulating your home, installing solar panels or opting in to a strict energy efficiency building standard is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and to reduce the cost of bills. Whether it’s because you’re using solar panels to power your garden office or you’re converting your home to meet the PassivHaus standard, a more energy efficient home is a cheaper one. Plus the initial investment into energy efficient products will be offset in no time. 

The PassivHaus Standard

PassivHaus is a German-born voluntary building standard that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings and to reduce the running costs of these buildings as an after-effect. There’s no need to build to a specific architectural blue print but there is a focus on airtight design, high levels of insulation and a heating and cooling system that needs minimal energy to run.

As word of PassivHaus is spreading from its conception around 2008, more buildings are being built to the PassivHaus standard. It can be applied to domestic properties as well as to commercial offices, schools and supermarkets as well as industrial buildings too. Applying the PassivHaus standard to every school in the UK for example would make a massive impact on the carbon emissions coming from the UK and go towards meeting stringent EU emissions targets.

The PassivHaus windows sold by VELUX and FAKRO have certificates of proof to attest that they can be installed in a PassivHaus standard building without any impact on the building. Quad-glazed and built for purpose, PassivHaus windows can be found in electric opening style for complete control and a range of colours and opening types bolsters the selection.

For more advice and information how to make your home more energy efficient, contact our helpline on 01752 692206 to speak to a totally impartial advisor.

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