Sarking Board

Sarking boards are softwood boards that are designed to fit onto roof rafters, providing extra strength to the building structure. Although sarking boards are not a requirement on all buildings, they are commonly used in areas of high rainfall or in environments where torrential rain and high winds are commonplace. By installing sarking boards, not only do they add extra strength to the roof structure, which is important when rain adds weight to the roof, but they also protect the insulation from becoming damaged or damp, which reduces the insulation performance.

Isolair sarking boards

Isolair is a range of sarking boards from Pavatex. Isolair sarking boards are manufactured from woodfibre, and are considered sub-roof boards. Each Isolair board has a water resistant coating, and not only add structure to the roof but also acts as an acoustic and thermal insulator. These Pavatex sarking boards can be exposed to external elements for up to three months during the construction process, and can also be used as a vapour permeable water repellent layer in external walls in timber constructions that have cladded walls. 

Pavatherm Plus sarking boards

Pavatherm Plus is a woodfibre product that combines both Isolair sarking boards and Pavatherm insulation boards to create a permeable roof insulation board that can also be used as a sarking board to provide extra structure to the roof. By installing Pavatherm Plus boards you have a thermally insulating product that achieves up to 0.041 W/m2k, as well as acoustically insulating properties, combined with added strength to the roof structure. Pavatherm Plus can also be used on external wall applications as external wall insulation.

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