Downlight Covers

Insulation Superstore is proud to offer a wide selection of downlight covers, also known as downlight hoods, to help improve insulation and reduce heat loss within your home. Choose your downlight hood from well known brands such as JCW Acoustics and Thermahood, both of which have experience and expertise in the downlight cover market, and are constantly developing their products to create the optimum insulation solution for your project.

What are downlight covers?

Downlights can often lead to heat loss and energy inefficiencies, as they are installed through holes which lead to cold air above. Even if the ceiling is insulated, the holes created when downlights are installed create an opportunity for air leakage. Downlight hoods are fitted over downlights, sealing the hole to prevent air leakage and heat loss.

Other benefits of downlight hoods

As well as preventing air leakage and heat loss, downlight covers can also reduce the risk of condensation, especially when the ceiling above is uninsulated. Additionally, downlight hoods can offer acoustic insulation properties between floors, as the airtight seal created by the downlight cover can prevent noise travelling around downlights and up to floors above.

Fire rated downlight covers

Here at Insulation Superstore we also offer a range of fire rated downlight covers. These downlight covers can provide up to 60 minutes of protection from flames before the lighting is affected, and they even have some fire preventative measures – ventilated downlight covers will prevent heat from building up, which can often occur in unventilated areas or unventilated hoods.

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