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Take a look at the latest range of access panels, from brands such as Timloc and Manthorpe, all at Insulation Superstore’s famously competitive prices. All our access panels are manufactured from galvanised mild steel, powder-coated in white, and are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

For custom sizes, colours, or any other queries, feel free to call the team on 01752 692206 or use the live chat, and they will be more than happy to help.

What are access panels?

Access panels, also known as access doors, are panels that are inserted into walls in front of electrical, plumbing and building services. Access panels hide any unsightly cables, pipework and building services from view, to create a clean finish, whilst also preventing damage or tampering by members of the public. 

All access panels supplied by Insulation Superstore meet Building Regulations part J, and can also be used for a concealed boiler flue inspection access panel, as they meet the requirements set out by the gas safety industry.

Types of access panel

Access panels can be made from a number of different materials, but here at Insulation Superstore, we offer a number of metal access panels. Metal access panels are most popular due to their strength, fire resistance, and durability, particularly when compared with plasterboard access panels which have been known to break during installation, and are generally much less durable and sturdy.

Beaded frame access panels

An access panel with a beaded frame is one that comes with holes punched around the edges. These access panels are most commonly used in dry lined walls and ceilings that have been pre-plaster skimmed. The perforated frame can then be plastered over to create a seamless and frameless finish.

Picture frame access panels

A picture frame access panel is an access panel that, when installed, will have a visible frame, much like a picture frame. Although less subtle than a beaded frame access panel, picture frame access panels are often easier to install and have been designed to be fitted into a finished existing ceiling or wall. 

Fire rated access panels

A range of fire rated access panels are available at Insulation Superstore, providing an hour’s resistance against fire, to protect the cables, ducting or pipework behind the access panel. Fire rated access panels are worthwhile, particularly with electrical cabling, to provide extra peace of mind and safety.

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