Roof Ladders

When working on a roof, it’s important to ensure that you have a supportive roof ladder. Roof ladders are designed specifically for use when working on a rooftop. In fact, roof ladders have been adapted to ensure safety is primary concern at all times. Without a roof ladder, serious injuries are a risk. No matter if you’re fixing a leak or crack, removing moss or installing a whole new roof, find out more via our range of roof ladders to choose from and purchase your desired ladder with ease. 

Types of roof ladder

The most common type of roof ladder is the square rung adjustable sliding ladder. This ladder is similar to many standalone ladders. The main difference being they have a ridge hook at the top. This is to hook the ladder onto the roof edge and ensure stability. They also have support bearers for extra stability and safety which is especially useful when accessing high roofs. The roof ladders are also lightweight, sturdy and come with wheels for easier transportation. 

Access ladders can also be during the installation or repair of a roof. Safety is provided in the form of cages, allowing you to access elevated areas over two metres high between varying levels and mezzanines. The cage itself provides fall protection which is required when working on heights of two metres or higher. 

If you have any questions about our roofing ladders or need help with your purchase, give our team a call using our helpline or open the live chat box for support. 

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