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Protect has been providing a wide range of construction insulation for over three decades. See what you can find here at Insulation Superstore by browsing through the selected products available!

Protect construction breather membrane

High-performance construction breather membrane by Protect is fantastic for construction usage. If you’re working with external timber framed walls, this can be ideal for you. Check out such products as Protect TF200 and more to see the impact of their products, such as improved overall U-value of your walls and much more.

Protect roof underlay

Underlays by Protect offer air tight solutions to ensure that rainwater and excess wind doesn’t reach into the property. Tough and durable, these Protect roof underlays can be fantastic when temporarily used during construction to reduce loss of heat. It can also be useful in reducing condensation.

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Products in Protect | Insulation Membrane & Underlay :

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Showing 1-28 of 28