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iKoustic is an award winning provider of noise absorption and insulation solutions for both domestic and commercial buildings. Their goal is to create peaceful and tranquil indoor environments for their customers and they achieve this by providing solutions that are applicable for the soundproofing of walls, ceilings, floors and doors.

One of iKoustic’s iconic product range is their Muteboard collection of ultra-thin, high performing soundproofing wallboards which are commonly used on internal stud walls and can be applied directly to brick walls when space is at a premium. These are becoming increasingly more important as consumer technology such as stereos and large televisions increase the sound levels coming from within homes.

iKoustic also have a range of MuteMat acoustic underlays and underscreed as well as MuteFoam and associated clips, grippers and accessories to complement their range.

iKoustic take pride in how easy their products can be installed by DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For further information on these or any of our acoustic insulation solutions, feel free to contact us using the number at the top of the page or open the chat box in the bottom right. Our experts are always on hand to offer help and support and look forward to hearing from you.  


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