Arsanit | Insulation Materials & Accessories

Arsanit offers a range of insulation materials and have done so for many years. Whether you’re looking for a primer, spray plaster or fibre glass reinforcement mesh, you can be sure to find them here in this selection.

Silicone Primer

Arsanit silicone primer is great for preparing the substrate under a thin-layered silicone top coat; particularly with the ThermaTynk-SN. Better yet, this product can be used in or outdoors and on a wide range of mineral substrates.

Spray Plaster (aka levelling coat)

The Arsanit spray plaster solution can be used as a base plaster under stuccos or finishing coat. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is also long-lasting. This means you can save time worrying about searching for additional products to maintain the final results in years ahead.

Fibre Glass Reinforcement Mesh

The fibre glass mesh material has been an ideal product for use in recent years because of its availability and improved features. Most notably, this type of insulation can protect against UV and heat.

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