What is the best way to soundproof an apartment window?

When living in an apartment in the city, higher noise levels are inevitable, but it can sometimes lead to sleepness nights and being unable to relax in your home. Although it is hard to completely remove all noise pollution, there are a number of different options available to you to try to reduce these noise levels coming through your apartment window, depending on time, budget and skills.


A quick and easy fix to reduce the sound levels travelling through an apartment window is to install weatherstrips across any cracks or gaps in and around the window. This will prevent air movement in and out of the gaps, which will help reduce sound levels, and add an extra barrier to distort the soundwaves.

Soundproof curtains

Although not completely soundproof, heavy duty curtains can massively reduce the amount of noise that travels through your apartment window by absorbing the noise. You can also get specifically manufactured soundproof curtains to install, which have been designed for the primary purpose of reducing noise levels.

Soundproofing plugs and window inserts

A soundproofing plug can be used to reduce the levels of noise pollution coming through the window by creating an extra barrier to distort the sound waves. Soundproofing plugs are generally opaque so block out the light, but if the window is in a bedroom, or the noise pollution is bad enough that this isn’t a problem, then soundproofing plugs are a good way to reduce the amount of sound that comes through the window.

Alternatively, you can install a window insert. These are clear panes of plastic or glass that fit over the window, and act similarly to double glazing, adding an extra barrier to distort sound waves and prevent all of the noise from travelling through, and the dead air in between the panels also acts as a barrier to reduce the amount of noise.

Double and Triple Glazing

A more permanent fix would be to install double or even triple glazed windows, which as well as reducing the amount of heat loss through the windows have also been proven to reduce the noise levels that travel into the room. Additionally, there are a number of soundproof windows on the market, which have been manufactured with the focus on reducing noise pollution.

You can also take a look at soundproofing the apartment, instead of just the window. This can include hanging sound-absorbing curtains or textiles, getting a thicker or noise-reducing door, using draft excluders by doors, and getting thicker rugs or carpets fitted. You can also think about installing foam panels and insulation within walls and ceilings to reduce sound travelling between rooms.

Here at Insulation Superstore we have a range of acoustic insulation products to reduce noise levels, so take a look here or give our team of experts a call on 01752 692 206.

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