Scaff Haus Garden Rooms: The next generation of ‘shedworking’

With a growing number of homeowners now turning to their gardens to create more space, we look at how architect, Stephen Lacey had an innovative solution to tackling the problem. Armed with just a design, Insulation Superstore helped turn Stephen’s idea into a reality. Catching the eyes of TV producers, Scaff Haus is now set to appear on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces in 2017.

Doing more with less

London-based architect Stephen had a friend with a need for more space. Stephen’s friend had become a parent and had to replace the home office with a nursery; with a new family, renovating or moving wasn’t an option, but a home office was essential. Stephen saw this as an opportunity and created Scaff Haus. “Families and young professionals are in need of additional space now more than ever, and most of us don’t have the resources to extend and existing property or ‘trade up’ to a bigger home. When faced with this problem in a city as overcrowded and overpriced as London, I soon realised there was a gap in the market for a solution which is quick, affordable and most importantly, one that doesn’t require planning approval.” Stephen explained.


Scaff Haus is a bespoke, elegant outdoor structure, constructed largely from scaffolding poles and timber framework. The structure is fully insulated and waterproof, with an industrial design allowing it to integrate into almost any outdoor setting. The Scaff Haus Original is designed using a standard 3m scaffold pole, ensuring it can be constructed under permitted development regulations, with no planning permission required. Once the scaffold structure has been formed, a timber pod is inserted – this is fully insulated, with a damp proof membrane. The timber pod is made using standard timber studs clad in OSB chipboard, creating a light, open space. Its contemporary look is then completed with an aluminium bi-folding door set, and a corten steel roof.

Internet searches led Stephen to Insulation Superstore and its brand manager, Duncan Voice, who was able to provide expert insight as to exactly what materials would work. Stephen said “Duncan had some fantastic knowledge, and we ended up bouncing ideas off each other, making slight revisions to the original design, comparing alternatives and helping to pull the best quotations together. Having a direct contact, someone who was as passionate about Scaff Haus as I am, made the process really enjoyable and not what I expected from an online retailer. “All of the delivery dates provided were correct, arriving in 2-5 days, direct from the supplier, and when one order was missing a single sheet of OSB board, it was sorted and redelivered in half a day. Trust is essential, especially when we are setting deadlines with our customers.”

Launched in 2015, Scaff Haus is set to appear on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces this year, and Stephen has even bigger plans for tackling the UK’s space shortage. He explains that Scaff Haus can be a solution to the bigger issues of housing, with its design meaning that it can be easily erected and removed in any location as temporary shelters for the homeless or emergency relief locations. Scaff Haus is already working with charities to help make this happen.

Find out more by visiting Scaff Haus’ website and getting started with your garden room today

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