Update on the nationwide PIR board shortage

pir-factoryIn Ludwigshafen, Germany on Monday 17th October there was an explosion at a chemical manufacturing plant. The plant manufactured a large percentage of one of the key chemical ingredients for the creation of PIR boards for well-known industry names. Unfortunately this tragic accident claimed the lives of two firefighters, and the resulting factory shut down initiated a shortage of PIR boards across Europe.

After several months of supply being back to regular levels, two companies who make the chemical MDI, which is critical in the production of PIR boards, have both suffered serious manufacturing failures so the industry as a whole is unable to meet supply requirements once again. We can appreciate the frustration this must cause so in order to prevent delays or disappointment please contact us before placing any orders. You could take a look at our range of multifoil insulation or insulation slabs as a PIR alternative.

Contact our insulation experts on 01752 692 206 for more information on this issue and for stock queries. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Celotex classification changes

Celotex have been through a number of classification changes to their PIR boards in the past 18 months. For full details and information on the latest updates, click here.

What can I use as an alternative to PIR board?

In light of the shortage and unavailability of your chosen PIR board, there’s no need for your DIY project, customers or jobs to suffer with time delays and sub-par materials. We’ve compiled below alternatives to PIR board so your projects can go ahead as planned with only minor changes. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your project run more smoothly without PIR board or if you’re looking for advice on which substitute will be the best for your application. Contact us on 01752 692 206.


SuperFOIL SF60

superfoil fr range SuperFOIL SF60 is an incredibly high performance multifoil product that’s just 100mm thick. This 100mm thick 55-layer has radiant reflective properties that allow this product to perform better than 150mm of PIR board. It’s a useful space-saving product that can allow you to better your building envelope with even more insulation or save space within your build due to how well it performs for less thickness. SuperFOIL SF60 can be retrofitted too, giving thermal conductivity as low as 0.10. Suited for application in pitched roofs, walls and floors you just need 40mm staples and lap tape for this install.

SuperFOIL SF60 offers the highest rValues available on the market at the time of posting.



SuperFOIL SF60 in pitched roofs 4.42
SuperFOIL SF60 in walls 4.88
SuperFOIL SF60 in floors 6.53


Fire-rated SuperFOIL FR

SuperFOIL’s FR is a range of fire rated multifoil insulation that combines the properties of SuperFOIL SF19, SuperFOIL SF40 and SuperFOIL SF60 with fire-proof elements to make a Class 0 Fire Propagation and Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame certified range of well-known products. The rValues remain high across the range of fire rated multifoils with BBA-testing and DIBT approval making these multifoils a very attractive PIR replacement.




rValue in Pitched Roofs 2.27 3.58 4.42
rValue in Walls 2.73 2.53 4.88
rValue in Floors 4.37 5.69 6.53
Thickness 40mm 65mm 100mm


SuperFOIL SF19 FR, SuperFOIL SF40 FR and SuperFOIL SF60 FR are readily available with a 3-5 working day lead time.


actis triso super 10

Actis Triso Super 10 Plus

Thermally equivalent to 210mm of mineral wool insulation, Actis’ Triso Super 10 Plus is an ultra-thin multifoil insulation that’s just 35mm thick. Airtight, water tight and water vapour resistant, it can be installed in pitched roofs,  under and over rafters, and in many loft conversion applications to get the best value for money. At just £174.05 ex vat per 16m2 roll and offering 0.04 W/mK thermal conductivity, it’s one of the most cost-effective products on the market and a fantastic alternative to PIR board. Buy your Actis Triso Super 10 Plus roll here.


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