Insulation quick fixes for heat loss

Insulation quick fixesThere are many things you can do around the home to give your heating bills a bit of a boost and make things that little bit cosier. Here, Insulation Superstore manager Duncan takes a look at a number of insulation quick fixes to tackle heat loss.

Radiator insulation quick fixes

The main culprit towards huge heating bills is heat loss. If your external walls are poorly insulated, you’ll be losing heat from your radiators constantly. However, sometimes externally insulating your home or getting in to insulate the wall cavity is not an option. Install a reflective insulation behind your radiators for a quick fix.

SuperFOIL RadPack is a perfect solution for this. Simply pop it behind your radiator, and you’re ready to go. The radiator doesn’t need to be removed. With this installed, heat will bounce up into your room instead of escaping through the walls.

ThermoFloc loose fill cellulose insulationLoft insulation quick fixes

A quarter of heat loss is through the roof – just as your energy bills will be, if your loft is poorly insulated! A common misconception is that loft insulation is itchy glass wool which is unpleasant to handle. However, this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of options for insulating your loft.

ThermoFloc loose fill cellulose insulation is an ideal, easy to install fix. Simply pour it into place in your loft to add insulation quickly. Because it’s made from recycled newspaper, it’s also good for the environment.

Wall insulation quick fixes

If you’ve got an uninsulated wall, Sempatap is a great solution. At only 10mm thick and applied like a wallpaper, it is straightforward to install and perfect if there’s little to no room for an extra frame to be added. It can make a wall up to 30% more thermally efficient. You can also decorate on top of it.

There’s nothing that ruins the feeling being at home than hearing the next door neighbours’ every conversation. Stick up a TecSound self-adhesive acoustic membrane for an easy fix. Sandwich it between an acoustic plasterboard for optimal performance. This will effectively increase the density of the wall, reducing the volume of noise coming through.

If you need advice on insulation quick fixes, call our friendly team of advisers on 01752 692 206. Alternatively, use the live chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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