Frequently asked questions on self-build homes

Why should I build my own home?

self-build-homeBuilding your own home means you get full control over the location, the look, the interior layout, and the sustainability of your home. You can choose to build a 2-bed bungalow with a sun-facing garden in the remote countryside or you could opt for a 4-storey 4-bed family home without a garden in a urban jungle. Whatever suits you is what you’re able to build, as long as this complies with planning permission. Self-building can also be cheaper in the long run, with homes worth £200,000 typically costing just £130,000 to build. If you add efficient money-saving design points to this, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting and masses of insulation, your home could be net zero energy too! Find out more about why self-builds are a great option.

How do I get started with a self-build home?

Self-build homes aren’t as complicated or hard to undertake as you might think. From working out how much you’re able to afford, to achieving planning permission and beginning your build, there may be less involved than you think! Check out this simple guide from which gives honest advice on all the steps you need to undertake and what tools you can use to help you do this.

What can I expect my home to look like?

Take a look at the section on Affordable Self-Builds from and you can see the variety of homes. Specific to your own tastes, inspirations and needs, your self-build home can be designed to blend into its surrounding or be a modern, stand-out structure. The lovely timber frame cottage pictured to the right was recently constructed in Herefordshire.

Can I get financial help for a self-build home?

Mortgages for self-build homes are readily available from most high street banks however they can be harder to secure than traditional mortgages. Typically with a self-build you’ll be able to get an agreement in principle which allows you to be more confident that you’ll secure financing for your project before you apply for detailed planning permission and begin working with architects. These types of mortgages often require a larger deposit and money is often released in stages, with someone representing the bank checking each phase of the project before the next finance is released.

New build oak framed cottage - HerefordshireCould I build a timber-frame home with financial help?

Absolutely! Mortgages for self-build projects make no distinction between timber frame builds or brick builds so you’re free to construct your dream home from timber if you wish. The lovely timber frame cottage pictured to the left was recently constructed in Herefordshire. Made from oak frames, the theme continued throughout with rustic exposed oak timber beams adding an authentic cottage feel.

Where can I build my home?

The beauty of undertaking a self-build project is that you can build a home wherever you can buy a plot of land. As long as you achieve residential planning permission for your home on that land, you can build anywhere. You could build a small hideaway in the countryside or build a grand family home in the city, it’s entirely up to you. Sites like PlotBrowser can help you find self-build plots, most with planning permission for development already secured.

Looking for more information on self-build projects? The Self Build Portal is Government-endorsed and can help get you on track to building your dream home.


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