Reduce energy loss with pipe insulation, now 5% off using coupon code

armaflex-pipe-insulationPipe insulation is a fantastic way to reduce energy loss in your home. It’s a cost effective measure that can reduce your energy bills as water travelling through pipes doesn’t lose as much heat. Similarly it protects your pipes from¬†condensation, frost and noise pollution meaning that your drainage system is more reliable and likely to last longer.

Armaflex from Armacell is a pre-slit rubber tubing that snaps over domestic and industrial pipes. Simply seal the slit with Armaflex adhesive to insulate pipes with a dust, fibre, and CPC-free environmentally friendly zero ODP product. Now available in 2m lengths in a range of different pack sizes, Armaflex has 5% off throughout August using the code ARMAFLEX5 at checkout.

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