Super thin Actis Multi-Foil Triso-Super 10+ designed to save space and minimise roof line height

actis trisosuper 10+Actis Triso-Super 10+ is a fantastic multifoil insulation with applications in pitched roofs, loft conversions, dormers and both under and over rafters. The thermo-reflective insulation is super thin, having been engineered with minimum space in mind allowing it to be installed just 35mm thick. Triso-Super 10+ can minimise the height of the roof line and allow for more space than other conventional insulation materials.

Designed to be airtight, water tight and water vapour resistant Actis’ Triso-Super 10+ offers 0.04 W/mK at just 35mm thick. Acting as a barrier against cold air infiltration and preventing warm air escaping Triso-Super 10+ is a great addition to your insulation. You can purchase Actis Triso-Super 10+ or contact our experts for further information and assistance.