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Latest Insulation News & Offers

  1. How does the Energenie MiHome system work?

    The MiHome system from Energenie is a simple, yet versatile smart home system. It allows you to control your heating, ...Read More

  2. What is the best way to soundproof an apartment window?

    When living in an apartment in the city, higher noise levels are inevitable, but it can sometimes lead to sleepness ...Read More

  3. What is the best kind of insulation for a shipping container home?

    It’s becoming more and more popular to convert shipping containers for a range of reasons, whether it’s due ...Read More

  4. Glass wool or mineral wool – which is best for insulation?

    When insulating a building it is important to ensure you have the best insulation for the job. Fibreglass and mineral ...Read More

  5. Why you should insulate interior walls

    Although most homes will already have the necessary insulation according to building regulations, more and more people are getting their ...Read More

  6. What does the R-value mean?

    When looking at insulating your home or building, the term R value is often used. But what is the R ...Read More

  7. Insulation quick fixes for heat loss

    There are many things you can do around the home to give your heating bills a bit of a boost ...Read More

  8. What are the benefits of vacuum insulated panels?

    When it comes to thermal insulation, vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) offer one of the best modern solutions. Increasing steadily in ...Read More

  9. Insulation shortage halts construction. ‘Have a plan B’, say experts

    Contractors are being warned of delays in delivery times of up to 4-5 weeks, compared to the usual 3-5 days ...Read More

  10. Can you have too much loft insulation?

    Every home should have some kind of insulation to prevent heat loss and prevent too much heat gain in the ...Read More

  11. What is thermal insulation and how is it used?

    Thermal insulation is the solution to one of our most challenging property problems in the UK – how do we prevent ...Read More

  12. Can you insulate between two floors in a house to reduce noise?

    We insulate our roof and we insulate our walls, but can you insulate between two floors within a house to ...Read More


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